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It can be downright scary to talk to a store about your product!  You have spent all this time and energy creating something and getting it right.

You’re thinking to yourself, “What if I’m not really ready yet to wholesale?”, “What if the store doesn’t like my color options?”, “Am I displaying my inventory in a professional way?”  Here are a few things I have learned along the way about wholesaling.…

How To Find What Makes Your Brand Unique + Why Handmade and Made In The USA is No Longer Enough

So you’re a handmade business owner.

Turning your passion into a business and creating an income from your sales is admirable!

But are you feeling stuck?

You’re not getting many sales and it feels really hard to turn one time customers into repeat sales.

But just like going to the clinic to get some answers for what’s causing that intense migraine,  there can be numerous causes for the problem you’re having in your business.

Your prices might be wrong.

Your photos might be bad.

Your product line might not be cohesive.

Sometimes you really …

10 Exact Steps You Can Take To Boost Holiday Sales

Are you ready to make the most out of this holiday season?

The fourth quarter of every year is the best time for anyone who sells a gift product.

But like everything else in running a business, you can’t skip telling people about your products!

That’s what marketing is all about.

It doesn’t have to be sleazy, salesy or uncomfortable.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend is just around the corner. Make use of this in your marketing!

You can promote your products this holiday season and tie in with this major sale weekend to end the …

Five promotions to use for your shop that make you sales

How do you make more sales in your ecommerce site?

Have you ever tried using coupon codes or other promotional strategies within your website to increase sales?

They can work really well if you use them right or send them to the right people!

In order for a promotion to work well, you need two things:

  1. Urgency
  2. Appeal

Set your coupons and promotions to expire quickly so people take action and buy something.

Make your coupons attractive so it’s a no brainer to spend money at your shop.

Here’s a coupon code report from my …

Unlock a Profitable Handmade Business in Just 12 Weeks Without using Etsy or Social Media

Don’t chase success the hard way. Follow the same simple step-by-step system that I used to build multiple 6- and 7-figure online handmade businesses. Even if you hate selling, don’t have a large following, and aren’t techy.

How to get influencers, bloggers and celebrities to make your product go viral  

How to create demand for your brand and products and turn customers into raving fans

How to automate your store, reach more customers and make sales while you sleep





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