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Dream Business Plan: The Five Numbers You Need To Get Intimate With

You’ve got an Etsy shop, a website, you do craft shows or you do all three.

You think you’re doing okay.

I mean, you’re making stuff and it’s selling!

But how do you know if, when and how this can become your dream business?

We’ll be giving you a map that shows you how!

It’s like painting by numbers – you draw your own map with the help of magical formulas and numbers we’ll give you.

Don’t panic!

Formulas are your friends.

You enter numbers in them and they provide the answers to …

How to raise your price You need to raise your prices.

Have only about a quadrillion people tell you this about your products?

Or deep in your heart, you know you’re not getting paid what you’re worth.

But you really love making your products.

You could spend all day just making, creating and crafting in your workspace.

Just because you love doing it doesn’t mean you should undercharge!

In your business alone, new supplies need to be bought, marketing needs to be done and most importantly, your time isn’t free.

Take that beyond your work: bills need to be …

Creative businesses should you raise your prices?

Running your own business is hard work.

Especially when you have no one to answer to, you’re your own boss!

The problem we have is not knowing the answers to the questions that live in your head.

One of those questions that I get asked by my clients over and over again is a big juicy one that I bet is on your mind too:

Should you raise your prices?

In today’s video, I’ll share with you my thoughts on this.

It’s a short one and it’ll be worth it! Watch now:…

7 Steps To Start Selling Wholesale And Bring In The Big Bucks Are you thinking about taking that plunge into selling wholesale to brick and mortar stores?

I know that wholesale can be a mixed bag. After all, why would anyone want to sell their handmade products at lower bulk pricing?

But selling wholesale can be very lucrative if you play it right.

I started selling wholesale in 2013 and by the end of the fiscal year, my wholesale orders brought in 50% of total revenue.

In other words, I doubled my sales by selling to stores.

Are you still wondering how wholesale can have a positive …

Unlock a Profitable Handmade Business in Just 12 Weeks Without using Etsy or Social Media

Don’t chase success the hard way. Follow the same simple step-by-step system that I used to build multiple 6- and 7-figure online handmade businesses. Even if you hate selling, don’t have a large following, and aren’t techy.

How to get influencers, bloggers and celebrities to make your product go viral  

How to create demand for your brand and products and turn customers into raving fans

How to automate your store, reach more customers and make sales while you sleep





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